Ein simpler Geist

AHOI*AHOI 16.4 – 21.5.2016

The Words

When it comes to that one accident that’s going to leave its mark on your body, face and mind – that one second of unawareness that’s going to take you out of the game for more than just a day, the question for any bike messenger to ask is not if, but when is it going to happen?

In the spring of 2016, a light brown fire hose was laid out across the road and swept my front wheel away from me. My face wasn’t prepared to hit the street that quickly.

The rough pavement took like a cheese grater to my cheeks and chin. My nose was broken and my front teeth were knocked in. It could’ve been a lot worse.

Released from the ER with a smashed face but a fully functional brain, I was off the road for a little over two weeks. I spent most of that time in the studio and printshop, putting together a small exhibition that Josina invited me to have in her AHOI*AHOI project space. Time was scarce, “but if everyone always had one more day left, nobody would’ve ever gotten anything done,” she noted.

The prints and drawings in this show act as a visual diary, reflecting mostly the crash and its immediate aftermath.

Meanwhile, I retired from messengering. Not because I was scared to fall again, I just wanted to spend more time at the drawing board.

I guess some of us need their eyes to be opened with a bang.

The Prints